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Old town spices
  • Old town spices

    Old town spice shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.

    • Spiced honey bacon,
    • Devils Backbone,
    • Strawberry Sugar, and
    • Lavender Sugar.


    Spiced honey bacon: The perfect, sweet, smoky, savory bacon taste that is a great rub on any meat. So I based bacon, bits yeast extract, natural smoke, flavor, sunflower, oil, sugar, dextrose, caramel color, FD and C red #3,  Brown sugar, cinnamon, honey powder, salt, Hickory powder, cayenne. Contain soy.

    2.2 oz

    Strawberry Sugar: All natural cane sugar and hand picked strawberries create a natural partnership that brings the juicy sweet flavor of strawberries to the table.  ideal for drinks, summer salads and on top of desserts and confections.  Ingredients: sugar, strawberries

    Lavender Sugar: Our lavender sugar is made with turbinado sugar and infused with lavender flowers that are locally grown in colorado.  This sugar is great on baked goods and delicious in tea.  Add a little bit of this on top of cupcakes, cookies or muffins

    ingredients: Sugar, Royal velvet lavender

    Devils Backbone: one pinch of this blend will spice up any dish.  The heat of habaneros and other chilies play off toasted savory spices to make an irresisible complement to grilled meats, fried eggs and veggis.

    Ingredients:  Salt, Pepper, coriander, cumin, fennel, paprika, chipolte, crushed red pepper, habanero

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